Course Outline and Objectives*

Course Outline and Objectives

Primary Objective: You will be able to improve your work and personal life through the interventions and skills taught in this course. 

Part 1 Topics

Storytelling, Stress Model, Micro-Intervention: DBT Skills

  • Explaining utility of “Storytelling” (aka social modeling) in brief-interventions
  • Describing Biosocial Theory of Emotion Dysregulation (Stress Model)
  • Understanding the Four Categories of Micro-Interventions as taught in the course.
  • Introducing 3 DBT Skills (i.e., Opposite Action, Cold Water, Paced Breathing)
  • Part 1 Practice Assignment: Personal practice of DBT Skill

Part 2 Topics

Micro-Interventions: Do It Now, Linking Statements, Caring Contacts

  • Apply Do It Now strategies to increase likelihood of patients acquiring new behaviors
  • Identify statements of hope and change statements considered to be Linking Statements
  • Recall guidance for creating Caring Contacts
  • Part 2 Practice Assignment: Utilizing all four Micro-Interventions in one interaction

Part 3 Topics


  • Make a Commitment to what steps you'll take next
  • Complete an Final Exam based on Course Objectives
  • Provide Course Evaluation and receive your Course Certificate

Your Turn

From the Course Outline and Objectives topic list, choose one of these sticks out to you. In one sentence, say why in the comments below.

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