DBT as Life Worth Living πŸ’¬

Are you thinking "That's not me?"

I'm not suicidal, or I'm different, or I'm not that bad, or I'm too bad, or I'm not deserving, or it will never work for me?

Or, that's for my friend or family member who is struggling - not me!

Whether you've experienced suicidal thoughts or not, DBT and the skills offered in this course are meant for you. We know this because they are designed to give whoever uses them the chance to have a life worth living.

And we only know that because we use them. And we only used them because Dr. Marsha Linehan created them, used them, and then told us how.

πŸ’¬ Your Turn

DBT is about creating a way to get through hell and to build a life worth living.

What is one small or big thing (that wasn't harmful) that has helped you or someone you care about survive hellish times?

If you can think of an example, comment below. If you can't, it's okay, take a look at others examples.

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