Storytelling, The Why: Part 2 πŸ’¬

Why Storytelling?

Reduce Self-Stigma

Sharing our experience can be one of the most powerful ways we can reduce our own suffering.

If I am telling someone how I've survived something challenging, I'm training my brain in the process.

When you use a skill you learn in this course, and then share about it, you heal a little more.

The person you share it with heals a little too.

You are able to use the skill again because you've not only practiced it but you've made it memorable by creating a story and telling it.

πŸ’¬ Your Turn

Have you ever experienced shame-reduction through storytelling? In other words, have you ever felt less alone or ashamed because of something that someone else shared with you, or when you took a risk and shared something with someone else? Comment below in 1-2 sentences why the experience was helpful in reducing self-stigma.

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