Emotions During this Course

Emotions During this Course

You might already be going through a stressful time. Or this course may bring up emotions (but not likely more than you would encounter in everyday life).

Some things that could lead to emotions:

  • Thinking about hard times or relationships with others
  • Trying DBT Skills
  • Others comments

Comments are not monitored in real time. If you or someone you see is in distress (in the course or elsewhere), you can share the Crisis Text Line and the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. You can also share the Crisis Help page of NowMattersNow.org.

Your Turn

Please add these numbers to your phone if they are not there. Anyone can use these, you don't have to be having suicidal thoughts or be suffering.

BELOW: Please confirm below that these numbers are added to your phone.

NOTE ON 988 and 741741 Crisis Help: β€‹I​f you do​ reach out to them and​ say that you are suicidal and that you are already β€‹have ​or are going to harm yourself (and you aren't open to trying something else) they may send help to your house - that might be crisis services, but it could be an cop​ who doesn't have enough training in mental health (they didn't get what they needed)​, so beware how you phrase how you are feeling and try to be open to help as best you can. If you want to vent, just tell them that so they know how to be helpful​.​

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